Shane Cummings
Graphic Designer
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The Process Magazine illuminates creators from all forms of media, whether this be design, illustration, film, music and more. Process features interviews from those have found sucess within their respective fields and showcases a featured artist every issue. In this issue, the featured artist is Olimpia Zagnoli, with the featured spread and subsequent pages of her interview, being detailed in and given a similarly playful pallet as Olimpia's work. Playing in tune with the colorful and relaxing nature that Zagnoli portrays both throughout her work and through herself as an artist.

Even though I didn’t realize it when I was younger, I absorbed a lot from my parents. When I see their work, I see a very strong connection in terms of self-expression.
— Olimpia Zagnoli
Be different. Keep your eyes open. Record everything you see, process it, and then spit it back out in your own very personal way. Get inspired by something that’s not just illustration.”
— Olympia Zagnoli
What I do is create images which don’t literally feed anyone, but perhaps they could feed someone’s eyes and that is a pretty big responsibility for a bunch of lines and colors.
— Olimpia Zagnoli

Designer: Shane Cummings | Art Director: Francheska Guerrero | Institution: Temple University, Tyler School of Arts | Photos & Illustration: Olimpia Zagnoli | December 2017