Shane Cummings
Graphic Designer
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Migrate is a pop-up restaurant that travels the continent of North America in order to reach a wide range of individuals. Designed to imitate the basic foundation of the nomadic lifestyle of the Dukha people in Northern Mongolia. The challenge presented, was creating a brand that both held the cultural roots and inspirations while needing to settle nicely into the modern-day idea of a restaurant. 

The direction intended was that of a slightly more sophisticated identity that mixes in a handcrafted style to the overall visual. The process would begin with the logo, which would jump-start the entire identity with visual cues, as well as adding the personal flair. The mark would have a personality that pulls from the same inspiration as the rest of the identity, which ties into the research required for such an identity.


After reading through numerous pages of text, history, and imagery, I built up a core baseline of inspiration to draw from. The logo is what follows, and went through several rounds of production, tweaking, and ultimately finalizing. Once completed, the rest of the identity could begin, leading to the menus, packaging and website components of the brand. With each going through several iterations and revisions, similar to that of the mark, until the overall look and feel of the brand was developed and settled upon.

Designer: Shane Cummings | Art Director: Steve Decusatis | Institution: Temple University, Tyler School of Art
Photos: Sam Fritch | November 2017